Workspace iteration numero dos

We are going to talk about this today:

I tightened up the drawers and moved some stuff around, as well as adding another long box on top which fits the sheets of foil packages and other pads of paper.

I also don’t recommend doing this! The boxes have come out of square, which means that when you pull out the drawers, you can feel them dragging on something. There are a few that I added leather tabs to, as drawer pulls, attached with washi tape, and since the drawer is so stuck in the box, the leather tab just comes off.

There were also some spaces that were dead or long-term storage, and that wasn’t ideal for something that is literally in front of me. I went through everything again and regarded what I actually used or reached for, and culled useless things.

The cubbies needed to be consolidated.

Despite the fact that I don’t recommend doing this, I redid the whole thing, since this solution is the best idea I have so far to keep all my tools up and vertical, put away, but still accessible for me. I think if I were to do it again, I’d cut up coroplast into the drawer shell. That way it would be one solid unit instead of a bunch of Amazon boxes put together.


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