Update to the shop

My leather tassels are still (literally) hanging around, but that’s alright, I still have hopes that someone will appreciate their unique usefulness. I have them hanging above me in a pretty line (and so that the fringe doesn’t get bent from being stored in a drawer).

Let me show you this laser printer:

The boyfriend found it on the sidewalk and he knew it would be fixable. It collected dust for a few months because we’re hoarders, though we try not to be. That’s why this printer is currently on top of another printer in the photo. I took the laser printer from him when I got into foiling. It needed a new cartridge ($15) and a little TLC on the rubber bearing inside that picks up paper to feed into the cartridge. I did a little sleuthing and apparently a lot of Samsung printers have an issue where it just doesn’t grab the paper. One Youtube video showed how to fix it with a liquid rubber restorer. I used a little bit of dish soap and water. Worked like a charm, isn’t it so satisfying to fix something?

The laser toner is important for foiling because toner is very fine plastic that melts and bonds the foil when it goes through the laminator. I’d been practicing with a flat iron for a few months but wasn’t quite getting the results I wanted. When the Minc Machine went up on sale, I was almost frothing at the mouth as I checked out.

Here is a picture of the action:

It’s glorious! So I’ll be having a few things for sale on the Etsy store soon on the paper side of things, though I still enjoy the leather-work! I’m trying to figure out what I can foil with leather to sell, as well. I’ve made myself a foiled leather wallet, though that’s not feasible to put up for sale, just because it takes so long for me to make.

Thanks for stopping by!


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