Etsy shop update!

I’ve finally gotten my pieces into the store, which is exciting after waiting for all the pieces to come in (leather from Israel, the carabiner clips from China). I’ve created leather fringe tassels that are the rage right now, but added USB drives to them, so that they’re functional, as well. The leather also has the added benefit of making the thumb drive easier to spot if you have a clutter of a desk. And the rose gold looks fabulous!

Take a look here:

Everything is getting to the “Cloud” nowadays, though, which makes me think that this particular venue might be outdated in a year or two, like DVD drives in computers.

I’m also practicing my straight-stitch (by hand, since I loathe bringing out the sewing machine, and I don’t know how well it would do with waxed thread) and making myself a new wallet, and I like it okay, but I’m definitely glad I found the ostrich-embossed leather in the clearance bin at my local fabric store.


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