the first issue

We’re changing the game of this blog. It was going to be capsule wardrobe blog, but taking pictures of all my clothes was not enjoyable.

Mainly, I’m trying to minimize the stuff in my life. Let’s see how opening an Etsy store can work with that!

I’ve been streamlining clothes, what content I consume, and general stuff.

My makeup and skincare routine is pretty slim at this point, and I don’t feel the need to add anything more.

shampoo, conditioner, shower comb (I do not own a brush), face scrub, bodywash, razor, and leave-in conditioner.

This is all I need for the shower (and right after the shower, in the case of the Ouidad). I also use a face and body oil, but I use those whenever my skin needs it, and not strictly as part of my shower routine.

CC cream, eyeshadow primer for the eyeliner pencil (otherwise it disappears), grooming things for my bushy eyebrows, and if I’m feeling fancy, a bit more eyeshadow and a swipe of color. I’m a lip balm girl otherwise!

I really enjoyed being able to streamline the makeup routine. Having excess makeup just felt wasteful and gross. I stopped my Birchbox subscription after two boxes because it just wasn’t for me. I felt that I had my routine locked down.

That doesn’t mean I have been successful in becoming a minimalist, though!

A mere fraction of my sunglasses collection.

I don’t even wear sunglasses that much.


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