Workspace iteration numero dos

We are going to talk about this today:

I tightened up the drawers and moved some stuff around, as well as adding another long box on top which fits the sheets of foil packages and other pads of paper.

I also don’t recommend doing this! The boxes have come out of square, which means that when you pull out the drawers, you can feel them dragging on something. There are a few that I added leather tabs to, as drawer pulls, attached with washi tape, and since the drawer is so stuck in the box, the leather tab just comes off.

There were also some spaces that were dead or long-term storage, and that wasn’t ideal for something that is literally in front of me. I went through everything again and regarded what I actually used or reached for, and culled useless things.

The cubbies needed to be consolidated.

Despite the fact that I don’t recommend doing this, I redid the whole thing, since this solution is the best idea I have so far to keep all my tools up and vertical, put away, but still accessible for me. I think if I were to do it again, I’d cut up coroplast into the drawer shell. That way it would be one solid unit instead of a bunch of Amazon boxes put together.

Update to the shop

My leather tassels are still (literally) hanging around, but that’s alright, I still have hopes that someone will appreciate their unique usefulness. I have them hanging above me in a pretty line (and so that the fringe doesn’t get bent from being stored in a drawer).

Let me show you this laser printer:

The boyfriend found it on the sidewalk and he knew it would be fixable. It collected dust for a few months because we’re hoarders, though we try not to be. That’s why this printer is currently on top of another printer in the photo. I took the laser printer from him when I got into foiling. It needed a new cartridge ($15) and a little TLC on the rubber bearing inside that picks up paper to feed into the cartridge. I did a little sleuthing and apparently a lot of Samsung printers have an issue where it just doesn’t grab the paper. One Youtube video showed how to fix it with a liquid rubber restorer. I used a little bit of dish soap and water. Worked like a charm, isn’t it so satisfying to fix something?

The laser toner is important for foiling because toner is very fine plastic that melts and bonds the foil when it goes through the laminator. I’d been practicing with a flat iron for a few months but wasn’t quite getting the results I wanted. When the Minc Machine went up on sale, I was almost frothing at the mouth as I checked out.

Here is a picture of the action:

It’s glorious! So I’ll be having a few things for sale on the Etsy store soon on the paper side of things, though I still enjoy the leather-work! I’m trying to figure out what I can foil with leather to sell, as well. I’ve made myself a foiled leather wallet, though that’s not feasible to put up for sale, just because it takes so long for me to make.

Thanks for stopping by!

Etsy shop update!

I’ve finally gotten my pieces into the store, which is exciting after waiting for all the pieces to come in (leather from Israel, the carabiner clips from China). I’ve created leather fringe tassels that are the rage right now, but added USB drives to them, so that they’re functional, as well. The leather also has the added benefit of making the thumb drive easier to spot if you have a clutter of a desk. And the rose gold looks fabulous!

Take a look here:

Everything is getting to the “Cloud” nowadays, though, which makes me think that this particular venue might be outdated in a year or two, like DVD drives in computers.

I’m also practicing my straight-stitch (by hand, since I loathe bringing out the sewing machine, and I don’t know how well it would do with waxed thread) and making myself a new wallet, and I like it okay, but I’m definitely glad I found the ostrich-embossed leather in the clearance bin at my local fabric store.

Workspace! Desk Iteration Numero Uno.

Part of my minimizing technique is to make sure everything has a home. If everything has a home, then it avoids clutter creep since I know what materials I have and don’t buy unnecessary things. I kind of cheated, though, with this, by making a home for the things I currently have!

I am making desk storage out of Amazon boxes and various other packages. I don’t like buying storage because I can never justify paying money for something that doesn’t quite work for me (not enough spots, cubbies not the right size, etc). So far: The container on the left is the second one I’ve made today. There is a space above the pink Rifle Paper Co./Birchbox drawers so that I can access a pocket in the back. Secret storage! Currently there’s a couple of Target Dollar Spot Memo Mousepads in there, so it’s something I don’t need to access until I finish my current notepad.

Hiding in the very back! The Q-Tips are there to act as a drawer stop.

I like this box a lot better than the first one, which is on the right, with cereal boxes for drawers. The cereal boxes didn’t quite fit the width so they are shoved in there. When I get more boxes in, I’ll most likely remake it, and then that can all go into recycling. When I really like how I have things set up, I’ll find some pretty paper to wrap everything in.

I really enjoy the workflow of things being vertical, that way things are right at arm’s length and in front of me. If I had planned it out better, all of my watercolor/cardmaking things would be in one tower, and all the leather crafting and other things would be in another in a different tower. Maybe in a far-future iteration! Until then, I’ve got more Amazon boxes coming in, so I just have to be patient. I can’t wait for my big girl cutting mat!

the first issue

We’re changing the game of this blog. It was going to be capsule wardrobe blog, but taking pictures of all my clothes was not enjoyable.

Mainly, I’m trying to minimize the stuff in my life. Let’s see how opening an Etsy store can work with that!

I’ve been streamlining clothes, what content I consume, and general stuff.

My makeup and skincare routine is pretty slim at this point, and I don’t feel the need to add anything more.

shampoo, conditioner, shower comb (I do not own a brush), face scrub, bodywash, razor, and leave-in conditioner.

This is all I need for the shower (and right after the shower, in the case of the Ouidad). I also use a face and body oil, but I use those whenever my skin needs it, and not strictly as part of my shower routine.

CC cream, eyeshadow primer for the eyeliner pencil (otherwise it disappears), grooming things for my bushy eyebrows, and if I’m feeling fancy, a bit more eyeshadow and a swipe of color. I’m a lip balm girl otherwise!

I really enjoyed being able to streamline the makeup routine. Having excess makeup just felt wasteful and gross. I stopped my Birchbox subscription after two boxes because it just wasn’t for me. I felt that I had my routine locked down.

That doesn’t mean I have been successful in becoming a minimalist, though!

A mere fraction of my sunglasses collection.

I don’t even wear sunglasses that much.